We specialize in General Contractorship – “turnkey” – of industrial objects:

  • storage halls,
  • production halls,
  • service halls.

We are also prepared to construct a full communication system, adjusted to the needs of the objects being constructed, together with engineering objects – bridges, flyovers, overpasses, culverts and road structures.

We can perform each task in the formulas: Build, Design-Build and also Optimize-Build.


Seeking optimization

Very often we encounter conflicts resulting from disproportions between the price of carrying out the investment and the established budget of the Investor.

Underpricing is a bad practice in the construction market in order to get a contract at any cost. Such demeanor often leads to problems in the project and, consequently, hardships for the Investor, General Contractor and Subcontractors. That is why, according to our philosophy, we make use of what is our biggest asset: the engineering knowledge and experience. We do not seek for optimization based exclusively on substitutes. We optimize the whole process. Introducing unification in some aspects, despite lack of sparing on the amount of materials, often gives considerable financial savings. We consult constantly and consistently reputable professional companies about matters connected with optimizing construction and installation. Such attitude makes us always ready to meet the Investor’s expectations.


Investor Support

We are prepared to provide comprehensive support to the Investors at every stage of implementing the investment target:
  • showing a convenient location and support when buying the property,
  • carrying out the design process from the conception to obtaining the Building Permit together with all the necessary agreements,
  • accomplishing the object,
  • proceeding and carrying out the connections to the object,
  • obtaining the Use Permit.

Responsible designing

We are a General Contractor that carries out projects in the system Design-Build and Optimize-Build. We cooperate effectively with experienced design offices that support us in successful completion of the above tasks.

While designing the objects to be accomplished we consider in a particular manner:

  • the practicality,
  • the optimal solutions in the field of foundation, construction and installation,
  • the aesthetics of the objects.

These guidelines result from our obligation towards the Client.

The investor, allocating considerable funds for implementing the investment task, has to have a guarantee that the object obtained as a result of performing the contract will satisfy all his requirements and standards – primarily practicality for the comfort of use, keeping a reasonable budget and aesthetics to represent the Investor well.

The projects completed in such a way are then to represent the professionalism of our company.

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