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The MBT company – Modern Building Team Sp. z o.o was founded on the initiative of Jacek Lewandowski and Tomasz Kalisz. Jacek is responsible for procuring projects and Tomasz for implementing them efficiently. Both are characterized by over ten years of experience in the construction industry in Poland as well as abroad. They gathered a team of specialists – Project Managers, Leaders, Engineers and Designers.

„Many years of cooperation, mutual trust gained in hardest conditions inspired us to start our own activity. We chose trusty people that are experts in their industries and can face any task. After years spent on construction contracts, we know that the key to success are carefully selected people which you can rely on.”

– Tomasz Kalisz
„We can see the effects of such actions. As a start-up in a difficult industry we nailed trustworthiness. The market perceived us seriously enough to cooperate with us on good terms, based mostly on trust and credibility. We work with serious Partners and we enjoy a positive opinion on our company. We base on reliable and fair activity, which is immensely important in the construction industry. Just after four months from the moment of founding MBT, we signed a contract with the net value of 12 mln PLN which we carried out successfully and passed on to the Investor (more in the Projects section). Keeping up the momentum, we started other investments; we participate in several bigger and smaller tenders, each week we meet new Investors. Such state of affairs instils optimism, makes us look positively into the future.”
– Jacek Lewandowski


The aim of MTB is to be always a step ahead of the developing market. In the same time, we look for solutions that will be constantly up-to-date and optimally functional, especially in the following areas. The construction market develops constantly, and we want to function actively on it. Flexibility and unconventionality as well as openness to new solutions are our priorities. They result from our individual, long-time professional experiences and observation of the construction market.
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